The Treatment

Turn your dental treatment into a great holyday and save up to 70% on it in Transylvania.

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What are the reasons behind our cost efficiency? While keeping a high level qualitative standard of our services, we benefit from several aspects that influence the prices, such as: direct sourcing of materials from appropriate suppliers; high traffic and consumption of materials generating high negotiation tools; lower margins; lower cost of labor (e.g. average annual wage of a dentist in RO: 12000-16000 EUR vs. UK: 80000-120000 EUR); lower cost of living vs. western countries.

Why can we offer the best dental solutions? Our technology and methods are going through permanent upgrade; our qualified personnel is always preoccupied by the latest researches, studies and improvement in the dental world; our dental technicians are restless guardians of a qualitative work, making sure that there is no place for mistakes. The patients’ safety comes first, therefore strict hygiene rules every treatment, every medical tool, every device and every member of our personnel.

What is the process before your dental treatment in Transylvania?

1. You need to go for an X-ray in the city of your residence and a detailed description of the treatment you are after and send it to us – click here to create an account on our site.

2. We will prepare you a treatment plan and one quotation or more, in order to find an option that suits your budget best.

3. In the decision making process feel free to ask as many questions as you want. At this stage you can write us an email or call us on the phone.

4. If you decide to go for it, then please let us know which are your preferred dates.

5. Please wait for our confirmation – via email and phone. Then your appointment is booked.

6. Following booking your appointment at our dental clinics, please book your flights and send us the flight details.

7. Upon arrival a car with driver will pick you up at the airport and based on your schedule will take you either to the hotel or to the clinic.

8. During your stay here, our car driver will take you to and from the hotel and clinic, if you like. During your treatment you will have some days to enjoy the beautiful sights of our area. Please, click here to find places and events that are worth visiting.

9. The payment can be done cash or via bank transfer. If you decide to pay by bank transfer, please make sure it arrives to the bank account before your last appointment on each visit.

10. At the fist visit, you will be asked to fill in and sign a special form that will summarize your general health condition.

11. It is very important in the end to take good on going care on your oral hygiene. This way you will keep a confident smile longer.